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fuck you, mozilla firefox. fuck you.


There is a face in there,
I'm certain. In the melted ooze
of fog and wonderment,
and the distinct smell of
something dark burning that sticks
to your clothes like burrs.
Here, right here,
there is a blinking eye,
a welcoming ear,
the wet, open mouth soaked
in word of salvation.
Relax your eyes. Brain
scrambling to pull these
features together.
Here is the thorn crown
in 3D; I reach out and feel the blood
between my fingers.
The European face easing together,
the dim colors barely dry.
I cannot paint a
Christ that is not in my soul.

With the next blink,
the picture detaches.

*pg 501 Anna Karenina - Tolstoy Mihailov

Love Poem to Fear

Hello, dear
one, I know
you are not sinister,
but instead you cower
at the sounds of excitement.
Your soft, loose hair
is slipping into white
and your eyes become
chalky and hard.
I love the way
you nurture me with a
shaking hand.
I love the way that you
never leave me alone
and dependent on myself.
The taste of black
coffee and burnt popcorn
linger after your sloppy kiss.
You are never tidy,
your breathing clutters the room,
your small whimpers
are damp and mold in
my ears. Your hands
stain everything they touch
and they reach for so much.
But I love
how you can memorize my number
so quickly. And how
you wait up for me all night,
ready to spend each day
with me and never hear
a goddamn word that I say.

Lists I Found Cleaning

Apartment Locations
- 13th & Shanear "Williamsburg"
- Hoover & Martin

- Foundation
- Family House
- Guild House

I asked for hope & God gave me you.
You're a protector,

Sometimes the world doesn't seem
to notice. But baby, I hope
you know, I see it all.

small trampoline $29.99

Sec of State - Plates
Kmart - Film
CVS/Kmart - conditioner, hairspray, condoms
Staples - mousepad

Wish List

Monsterous Manual II
Friggin Awesome Palm Pilot
Character Sheets
WWE Anthologies
WWE Ruthless Aggression


Just circles and circles;
shapes on shapes, folding
into spiraled D.N.A.
As thick as blood,
as small as knees
under pressure, under this weight.
Cartilage snapping at the ground,
unearthing bones that once
protected your soul.
It wasn't my skin,
my hair that swept away
the wind you were breathing.
It wasn't a name or
apology embedded in the crust,
rusting at its core.
I wish the words I had said
to you
weren't worn down
to their shadow.
Something had to matter
between us.
Maybe in these teeth,
this face that's been pounded
down by layers of skin,
or the kaleidoscope grins beneath
all my labored breathing.
Maybe knees
while they're breaking,
molting the blood and slipping
past the bone. Maybe that's
what will be fluttering in
the eons to come,
in another person's footsteps.



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